Thursday, July 23, 2009

How Microsoft continues to blow it

I have to recognize that I usually don't buy Microsoft products myself, but i have been responsible for Hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for Microsoft since I recommend or buy for other companies.

Well, with crappy updates that screw my access keys or that corrupt files they are not getting any new friends. I, for one, will not recomend microsoft for anything beyond Windows... and that because people need that familiar face. Anything else I will find other providers.

Need office? I have a ton of free options just as good, including Google's

Nop... not even Excel is now excempt from my rage. As far as I am concerned, Microsoft just died for me.

My development resources with .NET expertise will be shifted to some other languages/areas. Everything is moving to the cloud anyway.

It is just that Microsoft is irresponsible when it comes to product release.

  • Half baked programs (Windows ME, and Vista come to mind),
  • Screwy upgrade paths
  • Incompatibility among their OWN applications (Entourage/Outlook/Outlook express)
  • Dropping support and screwing partners (play for sure)
  • Changing the rules

I am just happy they are no longer the only option around. I love my Mac, I love google, Viva Java